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Top tips on how to choose enterprise help desk software

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November 10, 2023

When running an enterprise-level company, you must get your help desk support right. With one lousy move or complaint, your brand can easily be affected, causing not just a loss of reputation but also a decrease in cash flow.

Due to the sheer size of your operations, enterprise help desk software needs to address complex issues, track multi-channel escalations, and handle increasing demand at pace. Sounds overwhelming? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

With the global help desk market projected to reach US$21.8 Billion by 2027, there are plenty of options. Integrated intelligent solutions, like Thena, can help streamline operational effectiveness and create maximum value.

What is enterprise help desk software? 

Enterprise help desk software is a 360 solution that covers all customer support needs of large-scale (1000+) organizations across various channels. When customers purchase a product or service from a large corporation, their expectations are understandably extremely high.

Enterprise help desk software must be cost-effective and streamlined to tackle complicated issues without excessive overhead costs. While traditional personalized customer service was reserved for smaller businesses, in our digital age, this expectation also shifted towards large corporations.

Large enterprise help desk support often features intricate ticket management systems, escalation protocols, audit logs, and SSO. The best enterprise help desk solutions integrate various channels such as email, live chat, phone, social media, and digital communication platforms like Slack to give maximum flexibility to customers to tackle their issues. Integrated workflows and ticket triage systems can help large enterprises to obtain organizational growth.

The evolution of support

The early variations of enterprise help desk solutions were often configured to tackle fault reporting rather than providing a streamlined customer support function. With the boom in personal computers and the World Wide Web, customer expectations skyrocketed, forcing large organizations to rethink their help desk strategies.

Initially, following increased digitization, most help desk support requests were handled via online forms or email inquiries, with help desk agents individually replying and actioning tickets. Through the advent of chatbots and complex solutions, enterprise help desk software swiftly evolved into something more flexible and interactive to satisfy customer needs.

Enterprise solutions are now often embedded into digital platforms, such as Slack, or provide a wide array of contact opportunities — both self-service and agent-focused — to end-users. The way forward is certainly a deeper utilization of Artificial Intelligence, and smart workflow automation, focusing more on the customer journey element rather than simple task filling.

Tips for finding an effective enterprise help desk software

So now you understand what are large-scale help desk support operations, but how can you identify the best enterprise help desk software that fits the exact needs of your company?

Here are our quick tips and hints for finding the right one for you:

Tip 1: Don’t underestimate the importance of multi-channel support

To provide maximum flexibility to customers, large organizations often offer many ways for their customers to escalate their issues. As average ticket volume has risen by 16% since the pandemic, juggling multiple communication channels can be draining. While flexibility is great, more channels often mean increased complexity.

Enterprise help desk software allows tickets to be centralized in the same, easy platform, facilitating straightforward ticket triage processes and avoiding time loss by switching between multiple tools. 

40% of customers say having different ways to communicate is very important. Using a help desk system that offers many communication channels can greatly improve your team's productivity and make customers happier.

Tip 2: Find automation that removes repetitive tasks 

As we discussed earlier, customer expectations have drastically changed over the last couple of decades. Help desk support is not simply a place to raise issues but also an avenue of top-class customer service.

Automation workflows help your customers and your service teams by tackling recurring issues. By integrating canned, AI-populated answers, agents can focus on tackling more complicated problems while customers receive instant support.

Tip 3: Help your users to help themselves

Did you know that 35% of customers prefer a fully self-service customer service option?

The best enterprise help desk software options can accommodate customers' desire to quickly access information without engaging with a support agent. Creating a central knowledge base that hosts a range of FAQs, tutorials, and knowledge articles can free up a significant amount of time for your agents and alleviate frustration for your clients.

Tip 4: When in doubt, check your metrics

Data insights are not only helpful to improve your customer service but also to find out if your products or services have any weaknesses or what parts of your business are the most popular!

A range of key performance indicators (KPIs) can help you measure how well you are performing and what your end users really think. As highlighted earlier, outstanding customer service can give you a competitive advantage in your field. With 65% of customers suggesting they would pay 5% more for products with exceptional customer service, this should be a no-brainer!

Enterprise help desk software can generate daily, weekly, or monthly reports so business leaders can make educated decisions about their operations.

Introducing Thena: Your ultimate enterprise help desk software

Unanswered support tickets or subpar help desk service can lead to serious problems, dragging down the quality of customer service and potentially harming the company's reputation.

Thena’s award-winning, intelligent help desk solution can transform any enterprise into the ultimate customer service powerhouse, generating customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth marketing. Accommodate your clients’ needs straight from the platform that they use in their day-to-day lives.

By utilizing Slack as your primary customer service channel, Thena can help you streamline your operations, aid clear communication between your customers and service team, and manage ticket escalation processes efficiently.

Here’s how Thena can help you provide the best enterprise help desk support: 

  • Multi-channel support: Thena’s help desk ticketing system can help deliver integrated omnichannel support across Slack, email, and the web. Stop wasting time juggling multiple platforms. Thena can do it all!
  • Workflow automation: Workflow automation can save time and money for your organization! Thena’s automation can help you build streamlined work processes, auto-assigning tickets to relevant team members and providing status updates with emojis or conversational grouping. Stop wasting time with manual processes! Thena can make your processes more efficient!
  • Knowledge base integration: With the help of Artificial Intelligence, Thena can support your service agents to be more efficient and focus on the right things. Pre-populated responses can speed up customer service inquiries, providing around-the-clock support to your clients.
  • In-depth analytics: As we discussed, data is the cornerstone of a healthy enterprise! Thena’s intelligent analytics can help leaders access valuable insights, enabling smarter business decisions.

Why Thena excels in enterprise help desk software

Thena can help you transform Slack into the ultimate customer satisfaction tool. Do you want to know how?

  • By reducing response times by 95%: With a streamlined ticket management system, Thena can enhance collaboration and efficiency within your service teams and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Providing an integrated help desk ticketing system: Remove the guessing game from your operations! Thena’s conversational ticketing will make sure you never miss a ticket again! 
  • Streamlining your task management: By creating an easy-to-view, unified hub for open inquiries, your service agents are able to tackle all issues according to the best practices.

Thena’s easy-to-adapt platform will ultimately improve customer interaction and allow your service team to focus on the big picture.

Thena’s real-world success stories

If you're still not convinced by the above, we have several case studies showcasing Thena's success.


Before the adoption of Thena, Mixpanel — a data analytics platform — grappled with a disjointed help desk system that couldn't effectively consolidate customer queries from various sources. However, with Thena's integration, Mixpanel transformed its customer support center, achieving a 50% reduction in the duration of problem resolution and a remarkable 95% decrease in the time taken to respond to customer inquiries.


WorkRam, a learning platform, is another success story. Before Thena, the company

faced a flood of customer support messages from Slack and online chats through Intercom, which started to affect their customer happiness and loyalty. Once they implemented Thena's Intercom integration, they transformed their customer service processes, sped up their reply times, and boosted their support team's productivity by 30%.

Wrapping up

Large-scale enterprises have a lot to lose if they don’t set up their help desk support the right way. An excellent enterprise help desk software can boost service team productivity, help cross-team collaboration, and increase customer satisfaction, creating substantial value in the organization.

With the help of an intelligent help desk support solution like Thena, enterprises can create a competitive edge and delight their customers with ease. Give Thena a try today.

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