7 Ways You Can Use Slack to Improve Project Management

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November 29, 2023

As the digital landscape continues to evolve when it comes to business success, every second counts. Productivity is often the difference between a struggling business and a blossoming one — where does your organization stand?

While digital tools help to speed up project management processes, endless emails and conference calls can still be overwhelming and counterproductive.

Slack can significantly improve project management processes and revolutionize team collaboration with a streamlined interface. While getting the ball rolling might seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. Need help figuring out where to start? Today's blog post will explore how to use Slack for project management and what your business can benefit from the most.

Why choose Slack for project management

Slack is more than just a great communication platform; its integrated collaboration hub can bring together handy tools and create a shared knowledge base for your team to work more efficiently.

By creating centralized workflows, organizations can benefit from a single tool where they can communicate effortlessly with each other and customers and speed up ticket-handling processes to create maximum efficiency.

Let's explore why you should use Slack for project management, too.


Slack provides a highly flexible platform to improve project management processes, allowing teams to structure the platform to suit their exact needs, style, and workflow. Its range of customizable features, including integrations, channels, and Slackbot automation, makes Slack perfect for project management.

From CRM to voice calls and task management, Slack can offer everything your team or your customers could possibly need. Furthermore, with intelligent solutions like conversational ticketing, you can easily turn Slack into a customer service powerhouse. 

Ease of use

Slack's user-friendly interface gives your team and customers an enjoyable, easy-to-navigate experience where they can share files and search for information. With its intuitive design, you can easily streamline channels and workplaces to use Slack for project management and help your teams succeed.

Slack also provides multi-device access from mobile to laptop so your users, be they internal or external, can access services from everywhere, providing 24/7 service on the go. As Slack is dominating the market in over 150 countries and is projected to have 47.2 million daily active users by 2025, the likelihood is that the majority of your customers are already on there. Why not simplify their lives and offer solutions for their needs straight from the platform they already use?

7 ways Slack helps you improve project management in modern teams

Now that you are convinced about the benefits, let's discuss seven ways you can use Slack for project management. No matter the nature of your task, Slack offers a range of benefits that can fit your exact needs.

1. Create specialized channels

As 1.5 billion messages are sent on Slack every week, it is easy for information to get lost between customers and service teams. Channels get polluted with general chats, users need clarification about where to post, and your teams try to manically catch up with the demands pouring in — it sounds like pure chaos. So, how can you tackle it?

Slack enables organizations to create as many channels as they want, collating the right people and the right information into the same concentrated channel. Well-structured Slack communities can unlock meaningful customer connections, amplify engagement levels, and enhance customer success significantly.

Conversational ticketing systems can further streamline processes, picking up the slack (pun intended) so your staff doesn't have to. Remove the stress of pouring over thousands of chat conversations and let smart tools like Thena automatically detect all incoming requests straight from your channels so no request will ever get lost again. It couldn't couldn't get any easier.

2. Set up automation 

Clicking through forms or rerouting tickets is no fun for your employees or your customers. Repetitive tasks are eating productivity alive as 54% of workers spend 5 or more hours per week on tasks that require little to no creativity—and your customers are no different. 

Slack workflows allow you to remove monotonous tasks and speed up your processes. With the help of integrated solutions like Thena, you can set up automated welcome messages to your customers, help your teams assess and allocate tickets, and provide instant updates about request statuses.

Automation can significantly improve project management processes from beginning to end, covering all aspects of customer support and task management. Send handy reminders for daily stand-ups, pull automated service reports, or notify staff when they have a new task allocated to them. It couldn't be any easier.

3. Share documents

Collaborating on tasks and documents is crucial to any project management process. Slack's channels and workplaces allow you to create a searchable database of handy documents, project timelines, tutorials, or frequently asked questions.

If your team works on complex projects with complicated approval processes, your employees can upload and share drafts and final versions with a click of a button, initiating brainstorming and creative collaboration. Slack can integrate with most cloud storage providers, from Google Drive to Dropbox and OneDrive, ensuring seamless information exchange.

4. Integrate every solution into one single platform

While we love the platform's communication capabilities, you can't rely solely on Slack for project management purposes. However, through hundreds of integrated solutions, Slack can connect with all the necessary tools to make your life easier.

Integrated solutions allow you to perform a range of actions without having to switch between tools and applications, from video conferencing to CRM and Kanban boards, creating tasks straight from Slack, or turning Slack messages into tasks.

5. Task management

Task management is a crucial element in improving project management processes. From basics like personal to-do lists to complicated Kanban boards, there are many ways to use Slack for project management.

Keep your daily tasks straight in Slack by simply pinning or saving messages you can view later at any time. If you want something more complicated, you can integrate a range of ticket management tools to speed up ticket-handling processes.

By using Thena, you can quickly assign tasks using single-click automation, notifying team members, escalating issues, and even have a birds-eye view of all open tickets through a handy Kanban board.

6. Utilize Slack Connect

With the help of Slack Connect, you can optimize specific Slack channels to collaborate with external vendors or project partners on complicated tasks. Through Slack Connect channels, you can assign cross-organizational deliverables, collaborate through shared documents, and keep all team members on top of tight deadlines.

7. Create a stronger team

We discussed a lot of practical tips on how to use Slack for project management. However, it is also important to highlight another element—its power to bond people and help create a more collaborative and friendly environment.

While it may sound cheesy, a satisfied team is bound to create more value for your organization. Research proves that happy workers are 13% more productive and provide better support, ultimately affecting your bottom line. So why not invest in it?

Slack can help to inspire a sense of belonging and provide a place to celebrate success. Ensure to leave dedicated channels for your employees for everyday banter, give kudos to folks who work hard, and perhaps set up team-building activities like quizzes through Slack.

The bottom line

Slack can be a crucial element of your organizational strategy to improve project management, streamline your business, and stay ahead of your competition. Slack's flexible and customizable tools can enhance task management efficiency, reduce time wasted on repetitive tasks, and foster better collaboration.

By utilizing Thena's award-winning solution, you can revolutionize your project management processes, help your team achieve maximum efficiency, and delight your customers.

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