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Convert Slack into a powerful customer communication platform.
"Slack is a real time communication channel to unblock your customers. If you are unblocking your customers in less than 2 hours via Slack, compared to 24 hours in emails, you are building a modern customer experience with higher chances to win and grow customers."
- Ryan Seams, Sr Director Customer Success, & Services at Mixpanel
B2B CX is going through a disruption. Be a part of it.
July 26 | 10 AM - 11 AM PT
Webinar: Mastering Support in Slack: Unleashing Slack's Potential with Zendesk
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Mixer: ModernCX | Community Drinks & Food with CX Leaders in San Francisco
15 March 2023
Slack for B2B Customer Relationship
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Networking, conversations, and disruption
Future of customer relationships
Our B2B CX masters
Ryan Seams
Sr Director CS & Services, at Mixpanel
Sonam Dabholkar
Director, CS Ops at Gong
Kathryn Blake
Director of Customer Success at Embrace
June Zhang
Head of CX at UserEvidence

Start managing your customers faster and easier from Slack.

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