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Why Do You Need Thena: The Ultimate Slack Management Tool?

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October 11, 2023

Businesses increasingly rely on platforms like Slack for team collaboration. But, the influx of messages, files, and notifications can be overwhelming. Lost files? Missed messages? Scattered conversations? It's a scenario many know all too well.

Non-stop notifications kill productivity and can cause a real mess. Once you're unable to prioritize what's important, you risk missing something crucial, such as a request from a customer.

Thena is here to address these challenges. Specifically designed for Slack, Thena streamlines communication, both within teams and with customers. With Thena, companies can focus on accomplishing tasks, free from distractions.

Let's delve into how Thena works, its benefits, customer success stories, and how you can maximize its potential.

Introduction to Thena: Making Slack Even Better

Thena isn’t just another management tool; it’s the ultimate Slack management solution tailored for businesses. Whether you’re a startup, an SME, or a global enterprise, Thena simplifies and elevates your Slack experience.

Imagine a world where every Slack conversation, file, or task is no more than a click away. That's the world Thena creates for its users.

Beyond Basic Slack: 3 Ways Thena Takes Your Slack Workspace to the Next Level

Thena offers a wide range of benefits that extend to internal ticketing and customer support through Slack Connect channels. But, we’ve distilled everything into three standout areas.

Visibility Enhancement

One of Slack’s core strengths — its seamless conversational format — can ironically become a pain point. This is particularly true in the blurry domain of Slack Connect channels, where the lines between internal teams and external stakeholders intersect.

Let’s paint a relatable picture: An internal team is deep in conversation about a product bug when suddenly, a customer jumps into the channel mentioning a related issue. As the team brainstorms solutions, their internal discussions inadvertently become visible to the customer. This not only has the potential to confuse the customer but also poses a risk of revealing sensitive information or strategies.

Equally, in busy channels, it's easy for significant customer issues to get buried under a flood of new messages. Imagine missing a complaint about your product from a high-ticket client. Overlooking such matters could hit hard, affecting both the bottom line and the company's reputation. But this does happen in Slack. And frequently.

Thena Maximizes Visibility

One of Thena's standout features is its integration of Kanban boards and timelines equipped with smart tags. These provide a visual snapshot of your workflow, be it for internal team projects or customer-related issues.

As a result, team members, managers, and even customers can easily check the status of any service request, guaranteeing that every request receives the attention it deserves.

Besides, the real-time updating of Kanban boards ensures immediate visibility of any task progression or status change. This real-time synchronization keeps everyone informed and aligned, fostering a cohesive and efficient work environment.

Additionally, Thena offers a seamless way to organize both internal and customer conversations. Designed as a user-friendly Slack management tool, it simplifies various tasks for you. From assigning tasks and setting due dates to setting up reminders and monitoring progress, managing your workflow becomes a breeze. This also lets everyone on the team see what you’re up to. Talk about transparency…

Productivity Boost

Slack promises productivity. But without careful management, the very features designed to enhance efficiency can spiral into distractions.

Here's an all-too-familiar scenario: Tom, a product manager, receives one notification after another. By lunchtime, he's been tagged in over 50 messages. With so many notifications vying for his attention, truly urgent ones get missed. The simplicity of '@mentioning' someone can sometimes create more noise than clarity.

Channels can get super messy as well. Where does one go to discuss the latest marketing campaign? Or to address a customer's billing concern? It's a maze that can waste time and dilute essential communications.

Thena helps to address productivity challenges thanks to its:

  • Centralized Customer Support Hub: Thena isn’t just another tool. It's a unified hub. Whether your customer reaches out via Slack, email, or the web, Thena consolidates these channels. This ensures that support agents aren't juggling multiple platforms, but instead have a centralized view of all requests.
  • AI Capabilities: Thena leverages AI to detect customer requests in Slack messages, helping to spot those pressing matters without manually scrolling through messages. Once a request is picked up, Thena automatically creates a ticket, saving you time and putting your customers at ease.
  • Collaborative Excellence: Thena bridges the gap between different teams in your organization as well as your customers. It also lets you link your Slack workspace with third-party tools like Zendesk, HubSpot, Jira, Linear, Notion, and Shortcut. This means you can easily route customer requests, keeping everybody informed, without ever leaving Slack.

Competitive Edge with Data-Driven Insights

According to Google, organizations that prioritize data see decision-making improve by 3x. But, pulling useful insights from Slack conversations and channels? That's a tough one.

Imagine a customer support team trying to speed up its response times. Slack, for all its perks, isn't geared to dig deep into those metrics. Naturally, the team might wonder: How do we really measure our performance and find ways to get better?

While there are third-party tools that can bridge some of these data gaps, their integration can be cumbersome, demanding additional steps, time, or even financial investments.

The result? A disjointed experience where compiling a simple report could mean juggling multiple platforms. Not ideal, right?

Thena’s Solution to Slack Analytics

With Thena, organizations can manage both customers and teams effortlessly, leveraging real-time data directly from Slack. Here’s how Thena bridges the data gap:

Customer Service Analytics

If you’re using Slack for customer support, you sure need a way to gather critical analytics. Thena, as the ultimate Slack management tool, facilitates the collection and analysis of data related to all customer interactions:

  • Manage Customer Requests: With Thena, you get an immediate snapshot of your customer requests. You have metrics, tags, and urgency levels right at your fingertips, making decision-making swift and informed.
  • Access Performance Metrics, Ready When You Are: Keep track of how your customer-facing teams are doing. Key customer service metrics like response times, SLA breaches, and how long resolutions take are there for you, all filterable by tags and urgency levels.
  • Kanban Board Overview: Get a clear, simplified look at all customer requests. Smart tags make it easy for you to spot and address pressing issues, especially any SLA breaches.
  • Dive Deep into Slack Conversations: With real-time sentiment analysis and custom tags, you can quickly get the essence of a chat and prioritize those critical customer interactions.
Employee Data

Similarly, if you're using Slack for an internal help desk, Thena can help you derive data from employee-related interactions, helping pinpoint operational inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

For instance, you can collect data on employee sentiment and engagement to predict churn or identify their unique needs. Using the information, you can ensure optimal performance and resource allocation.

Success Stories: Thena in Action

Nothing tells a better story than customers who are already using Thena as their Slack management tool.


Before Thena's implementation, SpotDraft's customer success and support teams struggled with manual tracking, inconsistencies in communication, and limited visibility of the customer experience. On average, a single customer issue required five human interventions to get resolved.

With Thena, this process was simplified, requiring only one human intervention. Furthermore, the support productivity rose by 20%, and response time decreased by 50%. Lastly, Thena bridged the data gap between Slack and SpotDraft's CRM, HubSpot, promoting a more streamlined, customer-centric approach and maximum visibility across the organization.


Mixpanel had a tough time managing customer support because they were jumping between Zendesk and Slack. This led to inefficient, delayed responses, and low customer satisfaction. They also lacked visibility into critical support metrics, so it was very hard for them to pinpoint areas where customer support was failing.

After adopting Thena, Mixpanel could unify and manage both platforms via a single interface. The most impressive outcome? This integration led to a significant 95% reduction in Slack response times. As a result, Mixpanel observed increased customer loyalty and retention.

Take the Leap with Thena Today

Who doesn't love Slack? We all do. It's great on its own, but with Thena, it's even better. As the ultimate Slack management tool, Thena gives your team and clients more power, leading to better productivity, visibility, and streamlined efficiency.

The best part? Thena transforms your Slack workspace from just a team communication hub to a dynamic space. It becomes a place where you can foster deeper collaborations, accelerate the exchange of information, and, most importantly, cultivate a spirit of partnership and teamwork with your clients.

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